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Prescription Refills

We encourage our patients to be pro-active in their health care and seek needed refills in a timely manner. Because prescription refills require authorization by your provider, we ask that you allow 48 hours to obtain refills. The following information will be needed:

  • Patient's name and date of birth

  • Patient's phone number

  • Name and dose of medicine

  • The frequency the medicine is taken

  • Pharmacy name, location and phone number

Please also note the following with regard to prescription refills:

  1. Patients are encouraged to call their pharmacy to verify their prescription is ready.

  2. Due to limited staffing, routine prescription requests will not be processed after hours or on weekends.

  3. Medication will not be called in for individuals who are not active patients.

  4. If it has been 6 months since you were last seen by a provider, you must schedule an appointment before a prescription will be refilled.

  5. Prescriptions for controlled medications are Pick-Up only and WILL NOT be refilled by phone.  Be sure to bring a valid ID when picking up these types of prescriptions.

You can also place a prescription refill request by using the online Patient Portal.  Messages left here will go directly to your provider's nurse and avoids the hassle of dialing in through the clinic telephone operators.

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