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Each of our providers are using either one or more of the following connection programs:


  • Facetime

  • Messenger

  • Google Meet


When you call to get your telemedicine appointment, your provider's staff will let you know which program your provider prefers.


Here are some quick points about telemedicine: 

  • We can only offer telemedicine conferencing by appointment at this time.   Please call our office at 601-261-5710 to set up an appointment time.  

  • You will be able to use either a computer with a web camera/microphone or smartphone or similar device. 

  • By engaging in a video exam, you are agreeing to a telemedicine visit to avoid an in-person visit.

  • Your video is not saved permanently, but the provider will be entering information in your current office chart. 

  • Telemedicine visits through are HIPAA compliant, and your patient privacy rights will be maintained.   Those visits through Facetime, Messenger and Meet are NOT considered HIPAA compliant although we are currently allowed to use these methods.

  • Of course, the main limitation with this type of exam is that the provider cannot examine you.   After discussion, he or she may still recommend that you be physically seen.

  • There is a charge for this and your insurance will be billed.

    • You may get a bill depending on your coverage, copay/deductible or if you are Self Pay.

    • Please call your insurance company to verify if you have coverage.

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